How To Make Money with Google Adsense ($100 a Day in 2021)

How To Make Money with Google Adsense ($100 a Day in 2021)

How To Make Money With Google AdSense. In this video, I'm going to show you what I personally do to make over $100 a day with Google AdSense. Let's start out by checking out some earnings proof. I'm here inside one of my Google AdSense accounts. And as you can see, today, so far, I've made $50.64. In this particular account, actually, this was as of probably about half an hour ago. So if I just click refresh on this page, it may go up. So let's see. 

Okay, as you can see, now, it's changed the $52.94. Yesterday, this account, totaled $51.55. And that's just one of three Google AdSense accounts that my wife and I ran on our niche websites, I had to hide some of the numbers on here regarding pageviews. And exact amounts because of the Google AdSense legal terms and conditions. You can also see inside my YouTube account, that I also make anywhere from 40 to $60, a day on average, from showing adsense ads on my videos. So combined with the AdSense income from our websites, I averaged over $100 a day, across my websites pretty consistently. So let's talk about what is AdSense. Here on the screen, you can see one of my niche blogs, it's travel And on these blog, one of the ways that I monetize this blog is through Google AdSense, people find my blog through Google for free, all of the traffic that I get to these blog is free. And they find it by searching for different key phrases. For example, they might type in a search query such as sharks in Bora Bora. And my website comes up at the top of the Google search results in this instance, and if they click on this link, sharks and Bora Bora, they will land onto my website, you can see that there are these circled sponsored links on my website. So this ad here, this ad on the right hand side, as well as there is an ad in the middle of an article. And if anyone clicks on any of these ads, by making a certain amount of money, it can be a few cents, it can be a few dollars,

I have several websites like these, and all of the traffic that I get to those websites is actually 100% free. As you can see people just typing in various search terms into Google, they find my websites, they land on to my website, they click on the ads that they see on the website, and I make money. So this is how Google AdSense actually works.In general, I find that my earnings with Google AdSense can be anywhere from quite low amounts per visitor all the way up to four cents us cents per visitor. Okay, so around $40 per 1000 visitors legally. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to tell you exactly how much I make per visitor simply because this is something that terms and conditions for Google AdSense don't allow publishers to disclose. But as a rough idea, I can tell you that it's possible to make up to four cents per visitor onto your websites, and up to approximately three cents per view in videos. For the purposes of this tutorial here. 

Today, we're going to be focusing on AdSense that you're going to place on your websites, rather than AdSense that gets shown on your videos. So to make $100 a day, you may need anywhere from about two and a half 1000 visitors to websites per day, all the way up to about maybe 10,000 visitors a day, maybe a little bit more depending on your niche. Because different niches pay different amounts of money for the ads shown on your website. If you're thinking that two and a half 1000 or 10,000 visitors a day is a huge number. Don't worry, it's not actually that hard to get 5000 visitors or 10,000 visitors a day to your websites. I am doing this already with my niche blogs and there is no reason why you also can't achieve that if you put in a little bit of effort. And if you watch this video all the way through to the end so that you don't miss any steps. Just in case you are new to my video channel.

I help people like yourself, make money online through blogging, niche marketing and affiliate marketing. So subscribe to my YouTube channel just below this video, click the subscribe button. Click the bell notification icon to be notified about my future tutorials as soon as I upload them. Let's get started and let me show you how to make money with Google AdSense. Step number one is to choose a profitable niche for adsense websites. Having a correct profitable niche can make a difference between making a lot of money with Google AdSense or making almost no money. With Google AdSense, let me show you exactly how to do that. I am inside the Google Keyword Planner Tool. And if you don't already have a Google account, you can simply search for Google Keyword Planner, and then scroll down to the first result that comes up this one keyword planner, Google ads and sign up having this account is completely free. 

You don't need to buy anything. Google Keyword Planner Tool will allow you to get some useful information regarding how much advertisers are willing to pay for placing ads on your website. For example, let me type in this credit card into the search result. And important things here to keep in mind is that your location here needs to be set to United States, that's the best way to conduct your research. And also make sure that your data is looking at the last 12 months. So these are important things. Once you've got that set, hit get results. And you will see that if we start creating content on our website about best credit cards, these are the amounts of money approximate amount of amounts of money that advertisers are willing to pay to display ads on our content. So it's somewhere between $7.95 and $19 per click, that advertisers would be willing to pay. Like my website, you can see there is an ad here. So this is if this topic or this article was about best credit cards, then this is approximately how much I could have made if somebody clicks on one of these ads, the calculation is not exact, but it gives you an idea. It might not be $7.95. But it might be two $3 that somebody would be willing to pay to display that ad on my website. Okay, so that just gives you a approximate idea. 

Now, if my website was about weather, for example, weather in New York. And let's see what kind of results we get there. Okay, weather in New York, look at the difference 13 cents to 25 cents, nobody's willing to pay any money to display ads on content about weather in New York. So if my website was about weather in New York, even if I got tons of visitors onto my content, I will be making pretty much no money, because advertisers just are not interested in displaying ads on this kind of content. So as you can see, the difference is huge 13 cents to 25 cents. And if we compare that with best credit card, and let's click get results, there, it's 795. So the difference is almost 100 times more money that you could be making per click with the right kind of content.

However, content about best credit cards is very competitive, it would be very hard for you to rank your content in Google if you start writing about credit cards. 

Just to illustrate my point, if I type in best credit card into Neil Patel's Uber suggests keyword research tool, best credit card, even though it gets a lot of volume of searches as D here. So SEO difficulty 69, which means that it's very, very hard to rank for. So what do we do, we need to find some middle ground, we need to find some niche for our website and for our content that has good potential beat potential payout per click and also is reasonably simple to rank for, in order to find some ideas for your niches that have a good payout. And also don't have too much competition, you can type in a search like best niche website ideas into Google. And there you will find lots and lots of lists, like 26 examples of successful niche websites and go through these different listings and try to identify a niche that potentially interests you. I'm also going to put a link here to my own video that describes how you can find a good profitable niche. Also, that link will be in the description below this video. So check that out and come up with some ideas for your niches. And I'm going to show you how to analyze these niches. One of the potential niche ideas that you might come up with is how to potty train a dog. So how to train the dog to use the toilet correctly. 

And then if we search for that, you can see that this keyword is somewhere in between it's not doesn't pay out too much and it doesn't pay out too little. So it's 33 cents to 291. Anywhere where you get the top of the range bid over $2 is pretty good. And it also gives us lots of ideas for other related phrases. So here we've got how to potty train a dog. Then it says how to housebreak a puppy. Then it says how often do puppies pee how long to house train a puppy. So all of these different ideas, they're all related to the keyword term, how to potty train a dog, and they could all be potential keywords on which we can create content on our website. So it looks like in general, the niche of dog training, not just potty training, but just in general Dog Training could be quite a good niche. But how do we know that it's easy to rank for? Well, there is a way to find out I'm going to show you exactly how, let's do some research in Google together. So the way that I normally do this is I type in the main keyword term that I had an idea about, into Google how to potty train a dog in this case. And then I tried to find a website that seems like it's dedicated pretty closely to just this kind of topic. So Web MD is just too big. 

I want a smaller websites are SPC pet insurance is probably too big as well, aka see sounds like some kind of a big website, what I'm looking for is a small blog website that I can easily analyze. So here it's good dog time, dog time, sounds like potentially is quite a well established website. Okay, so let's think about this. They do seem to have Google add on here as well. But let's just see if we can find something else here. I'm going to go to page two. And then we've got Purina, which is a big brand. So not suitable for our seasons. Whey is a very big website, I know that one. What I'm looking for is a website that seems like it's owned by a mom and dad type entity, you know, that's not too competitive. 

So here, I found something that's called puppy leaks. So let's open that up and take a look what puppy leaks is all about. Alright, so puppy leaks, I can see that populates actually has quite a lot of ads, you can see there is an ad here at the bottom, there is a Google ad in the right hand side, there is a Google Ad here in the middle of the content. So basically, these blog is not selling any of their own products, what they're doing is they're trying to make money with Google AdSense, just like what we are trying to do. So that's awesome news. That means that we have found a website that is doing the same thing that we are doing, and probably is reasonably successful. And we can try to use them to reverse engineer some of the website topic ideas, as well as analyze the strength of the competition for each of the keywords. So let's copy

and paste this name into the Uber suggests to and what I'm going to do is go into the homepage of the Uber suggests tool. And where it says enter a domain, I'm going to copy and paste this domain here. And I'm going to click Search. And that will give us the keywords that this website is actually ranking for. 

So here you can see that this website is ranking for 186,000 different keywords, which is pretty awesome. And it says that their organic monthly traffic is 583,000. This is of course an approximation. But if this is true, then it means that they're getting approximately 20,000 visitors per day to their website. Now, this figure is probably too low, I normally find that the real website traffic is actually much higher than this organic, monthly traffic estimate. In either case, what we want to do is go to organic keywords. And this will now tell us what kind of keywords these popular website is ranking for. 

You can see that the the keywords that have got the highest volume of searches, they all have reasonably high as D what we're looking for is as D that looks green, so anything under 30. And here we go. We've already found some of the ideas here for our potential topics on the website that have green as D so green SEO difficulty score. And as we keep scrolling down, we can find some really cool keywords like these for example cute boy dog names, this SEO difficulty is very low and the volume of searches is very high 18,100 searches per month that people search for this keyword or this phrase. And SEO difficulty is 11 which means that it's very very easy to rank for. There are some other keywords that this website is already ranking for. Cute name of puppy puppies name female dogs, how to stop dog nail bleeding, and lots of other.

I mean there are hundreds and hundreds of keywords here that you can find that are green Which means they're very easy to rank for. And that's really good news for us because what you want to find is you want to find a website, that I can give you all of these ideas for all of these potential articles that you can write. So then you can go away. And in the next step, I'm going to show you how to do that. But you can write an article on cute nickname for dogs, you can write another article on girl names for puppies, another article on unique named dogs for a boy, then an article on recipe for cookies for dogs.

So the criteria for a great niche to make money with Google AdSense is that you want to have a top bid of $2 or higher for keywords in Google Keyword Planner. And you also want to find at least some websites that have over 50 article ideas that have green difficulty, according to Uber suggests that we'll give you lots of different ideas for various articles to write about on your website so that you can start getting free traffic from Google onto your website. And people can start clicking your ads. And you can start making this money with Google AdSense from all of these free traffic that is going to be coming onto your website to check out all of the great content that you're going to be publishing. Step number two is for you to create a website. 

I actually have published videos before that explains step by step how to create a website. So if you don't know how to do that, then check the links in the description below. And those videos will show you step by step how to create a simple but professional website that looks similar to what you can see here on the screen, or that looks similar to some of the other websites that I currently have. The main thing to note here is that you need to have a website on your own domain such as travel Having a website hosted on, or on some other kind of platform is not suitable, you need to have your own domain hosted on your own hosting account. So after you have chosen your niche, go ahead and come up with the name for your website. 

I'll explain how to do that in the videos just below in the description. And register that domain something like travel croc or something related to the niche that you end up choosing and build that website. Step number three in the process is for you to start creating the content on your website so that you can start getting the traffic from Google. So let's say the first article that you decide to write E's article on these keywords, which is a great keyword, by the way, how to make your dog happier, which is getting 1300 searches per month, which is great. And that has got an SEO difficulty of seven which is also great means that it should be pretty easy for us to rank for for these keyword term. So we've selected how to make your doc happier. So then you would need to log into the back end area of your website into the WP admin area. And make sure that you've got a couple of plugins installed so that you can follow along with me. So under plugins, click Add New. So the first plug in that you should search for is called Yoast SEO. So after you type that into the keyword area here, the it will be these plugins so install it and activated. And the second plugin is called classic editor. 

So type in classic editor into the search area. And when you see these classic editor plugin, install it and activate it as well. After that, you can go into posts and click add new to start creating your new post. So now what you need to do is you need to create an article that's about one and a half 1000 words long, that will rank in Google. And that will bring you free traffic. So we will start with pasting the keyword into the post name. So how to make your dog happier. And you can add something like Ultimate Guide so that it sounds like it's a high quality authority article. And then you will need to start doing some research on this topic. For example, if you copy and paste that into Google, you will have some of the best results that Google thinks are the highest quality articles here on page one. So from here you will need to do your research. And you will need to create your own article here inside your WordPress website that will cover this topic on how to make your dog happier, do not copy and paste any of the content that's illegal. 

That's called plagiarism. So instead what you need to do is you need to create your own unique content. But you can base it on the content that's already published here on page one. So for example, when you open this article, and you need to write anything introduction into your article, you can get some of the ideas from this article and rewrite them in your own words on to your article on your website. So here, this website says dogs are happy animals plain and simple, but that doesn't mean you can't make them happier with a little trick or treat or fun activity. So you can sort of rephrase it. And just think about it in a different way and write your own introduction such as this.

So here is what I have written, I've written here is how to make your dog happier. In this ultimate guide, we're going to cover everything you need to know about dog happiness and how to improve it. And then I've written a few more sentences, it literally took me one minute to do and just like that I've written 77 words. So to write an article that's about one and a half, 1000 words long is not going to take you a very long time at all a couple of important things in here. First, you will need to make this URL of your posts quite short. So I would suggest no more than three or four words. 

So I would probably leave make your dog happier just forwards here like that, click OK. And then I would also recommend to stick to your SEO. So after you've written your article of one and a half 1000 words, typing your focus key phrase. So that's the key phrase that you want to rank for this, how to make your dog happier, copy and paste that in here. And Yoast SEO will actually help you create a better article that will give you all of the information that you need here to make sure that your article is optimized as much as possible to rank for Google on page one. Now, don't forget that we already know that the competition for this keyword is very, very low. So you don't need to stress too much about it. As long as you can write an article that's high quality one and a half words long, and it satisfies all of these things that Yoast recommends for you to do, you should have a really good chance of ranking on page one if you are unsure what each of them means. For example, if you don't know what these image alt attributes means, and why is it red, you can click and Yoast will tell you exactly how to fix this problem in your article. So here is a recap of the criteria for your post, you need to make sure that the keyword that you're trying to rank for in Google.

He is green. And it's green difficulty according to Oba suggest to your article needs to be about one and a half to 2000 words long. And don't worry, it might sound scary, but it should take you a maximum of one to two hours to actually write this. As you can see, I wrote 77 words in under a minute. You need to also satisfy all of the us this year criteria that will make sure that your article is super optimized, and will have a great chance of ranking on page one of Google. What do you do next? Okay, so then you need to write 15 articles just like that satisfying all of these criteria here, you need to put up 15 articles because you need to get accepted into Google AdSense program. After approximately two to three weeks, these 15 articles will get picked up by Google. And they will be included in Google search. So hopefully, what you should start seeing is when you start typing these keywords into Google, your website should start coming up on page one, or page two for at least some of the terms that you have written about. At that point. 

If you have done everything correctly, you have a very good chance of getting close to 100 visitors a day or more to your website from Google search. At that point in time, you should apply to Google AdSense you need to be accepted into that program. And Google AdSense generally will look at your websites, they will look at the quality of the content. And they will also look at how much traffic you are getting. Google AdSense will not approve you. If you only have one article on your website, they are not interested in working with low quality publishers. So you need to prove to them that you are somebody who is able to produce amazing high quality content and who is able to attract traffic onto their website through Google search by having this excellent content. Once you hit these 100 or so visitors per day, you will need to register a Google Adsense account and click on the sites. Let's start with your website. So click Add a new site and then enter the URL of your website and go through the whole signup process. After you have signed up, you will need to wait a few days to get reviewed by Google AdSense and hopefully they should approve your website after you've been accepted. 

You will need to go into ads overview find this area where it says let Google place ads for you and click this button get code. As you can see now there is this one line of code that's all you need to insert into your website in order for Google to start displaying ads on your website, so just click this copy code snippet. And that will copy the code into your clipboard so that you can insert it into your website, you will then need to go into your WordPress back end area and insert that piece of code in between the header tags on your website. If you are quite new, and you don't know how to do that, then you can search for plugins add new and then search for header footer code and install this plugin. That's called header footer code manager. If you click install now, and after it's installed, activated, it will allow you to easily install codes into the header and footer areas on your website. You can see now it says installed and it's I can click activate. So I'm going to activate it. And I'm going to show you how to do that. Now on the left hand side, I've got this new option that says h FCM. So that's header footer code manager. And I can click add new and that will allow me to add this piece of code into my Google website. So I'm going to call it snippet name. We can say Google AdSense in head, 

I can give it any name you want. Choose for it to be displayed site wide. And then location will want it to be in the header showing all devices static status active and then copy and paste that snippet of code in here. So just like these are face that in that piece of code. And after you hit save, that will start displaying google adsense ads on your website everywhere where it's supposed to be. And just like that, that will start automatically displaying the ads on your website in the best possible locations. Google AdSense has now got this thing where they automatically choose the very best locations on your site to show the ads. So when you go into the settings of your website on your Google Adsense account, you will be able to choose for Google to automatically optimize your ads. So here you can see auto ads I recommend for you guys to turn it on. Optimize your existing ad units turn that on as well, because Google will then automatically optimize and make sure that you're earning the highest revenue possible. For ad formats I recommend for you to enable everything for ad load, 

I recommend for you to start with half way by here, you will be able to choose how many ads are actually being shown. And then click on apply to site and Google will now automatically find the very best places and the combinations of ads to show on your website so that you can make the maximum amount of money possible from Google AdSense. If you want to learn more about this method as well as how I make even more money with affiliate marketing, click the link in the description below. There is a link for you to register for a free training session. I hope you enjoyed this video, make sure to subscribe to my channel just below this video, click the subscribe button as well as the bell notification icon. My goal is to help you make a full time income online so that you can have a better future for yourself and your family. Check out the couple of videos that I'm going to put up here and the links in the description below. And I'll see you in the next video. Thank you for watching.

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